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Internal Rules of the Relais San Baio

Internal Rules of the Relais San Baio


Please read our internal regulations:
we do not assume responsibility for any problems arising from the failure to read the regulations.

1.Access to the facility.

It is mandatory to notify the management of the entry and departure of persons, for legal registrations.Those who are found not to be lawful commit a crime foreseen and punished by law. Visitors are also required to ask for permission to access the property and will be asked for identification.. It is also mandatory to communicate the arrival and departure times for the delivery and return of the keys.

2.Rules of collective behaviour

The behavior of the individual guest must be marked, in relations with other guests and with the staff, the observance of those basic rules of tolerance, respect and collaboration that guarantee daily living together. The guest is required to maintain order and protection of the living environment in the common areas.

It is necessary to respect the silence at night (10:00 pm – 08:30 am) and during the afternoon rest (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm).

Use of the TV is allowed only at low volume.

The use of the mobile phone/ smartphone/ tablet is allowed only at low volume and in full compliance with the quiet of the structure.

It is forbidden to:

Allocate any part of the common areas to their particular use, occupy them with furniture, tools and other objects or, in any case, prevent their use to others housed.

Make phone/smartphone calls in common areas unless the volume is kept to a minimum while respecting the tranquility of other guests.

Keep animals not declared and approved during booking.

Disturb the other guests.

Attending the premises for common use in pajamas, or in any case, with clothes discharged, not consonant with the dignity of the guests and the house.

Keep flammable, harmful, radioactive materials in common areas and inside the chambers.

Dispose of or dispose of rubbish or waste out of containers.

Throw in the exhaust ducts materials that can fill the pipes.

Make changes to the premises and furniture.

Tamper with systems: electrical, hydraulic, air conditioning, heating etc.

Use stoves, cookers of any type to prepare food or beverages, heat makers appliances outside of the equipment made available.

Smoking inside the rooms and common areas inside the structure.

Keep weapons of any nature or kind.

Keep and/or use narcotic drugs.

Light fires.

3.Damage, fouling, loss/non-delivery of keys

In the event of theft or damage, building damage, furniture, objects, appliances and loss or failure to hand over the keys before departure, the damage caused is paid for by the person who procured it.

Payments of this type must be made immediately or will be charged to the credit card to guarantee the above (even after several days from the chek-out).The loss of the key involves a cost of € 50 (fifty).It is also absolutely forbidden to enter the room and the wet common areas, to sit on chairs and sofas in wet/wet swimsuits.Any damage caused to the upholstery will be charged as indicated above.

4.Legal liability

Who causes damage to the building, furniture, objects and appliances supplied, is held legally responsible under current regulations.Intentional theft and damage are immediately reported and therefore immediate reimbursement will be requested in the manner described above.The Relais San Baio assumes no responsibility for the values (money, jewels, etc.) kept in the guest accommodation or in the common areas.The Relais San Baio car park is located inside the property itself, but is not guarded.We advise you to always lock the car and not to leave valuables inside, the Relais San Baio does not assume responsibility in case of theft.

5.Arrivals and departures

The entrance to the room can not take place before 3:00 pm and after 8:00 pm unless specific permission from the property. Early check-in will cost an extra € 30 (thirty) and will be granted at the discretion of the property.

Relais San Baio DOES NOT OFFER 24-hour reception.

In order to organize the check-in, guests are required to inform the management well in advance, regarding the time at which they intend to access the property, if this does not happen, any inconvenience that may result for the customer, are attributable to the latter.

Check-out must take place no later than 11:00 am on the day of departure, unless specifically authorized by the property. The occupancy of the room after this time will involve the payment of n.1 night.

If the failure to respect the above mentioned time, determines the impossibility for new guests who have booked the room to access the same or the impossibility for the service staff to carry out the ritual cleaning, the consequent damages are economic, that of image for the structure, will be completely attributable to those who do not comply with this rule.

6.Prices and stays

For the room prices please refer to the maximum rates shown on the form displayed inside the hotel, on our website and on the various booking portals.Rates do not include the tourist tax applied by the town of Cecina.Rates include breakfast and coffee made available in each of our suites.

The tourist tax is offered by the Relais San Baio.

7.Conditions of stays

Confirmation of the reservation made by contacting the hotel directly:

– at the time of booking, a 50% deposit is required.

The reservation is considered confirmed upon receipt of the deposit or proof of payment (bank transfer), following which Relais San Baio undertakes to reserve the rooms requested for the dates requested (confirmation by e-mail is always required and therefore

we invite customers to also check spam)

Payment of advances and balances: At the time of booking, the deposit must be paid according to the method to be agreed, within 1 working day. After this period and in the absence of further communication by the customer, the reservation will be cancelled by the office.

The balance of the stay must be paid upon arrival.

Reservations and cancellations will be valid once confirmed in writing by the management to the customer.

Room occupancy: Relais San Baio rooms can accommodate up to a maximum

two people each.

There is no possibility of additional beds, cribs, cots, inflatable mattresses or similar.

The Relais San Baio welcomes guests aged 16  and over and no exceptions will be allowed.

Pets are not allowed.

8.Cancellations and stays

From the moment of booking by the customer, Relais San Baio undertakes to reserve the rooms requested for the requested dates (confirmation by e-mail).

The customer has the right to cancel his reservation without charge up to 72 hours

before arriving at the Relais.

For cancellations communicated less than 72 hours from arrival, the Relais San Baio

will charge n.1 night penalty. No refunds for the reduction of the stay.

Each reservation or cancellation is considered valid once confirmation by e-mail is received.

(please always check spam)


(ie if the guest does not show up without warning) THE FULL AMOUNT of the stay booked will BE RETAINED as compensation.

9.Safety rules

If you leave your room, for reasons of safety and energy saving,

please turn off air conditioning, room lights, TV and any other electrical device,

subject to specific authorization from our structure.

In order to guarantee a peaceful stay, the Management is authorized to remove those who

complies with the rules of the above Regulation.

For any complaints and/or information, please contact the Management

10.Linen and cleaning

The rooms are cleaned daily between 9:30 pm and 1:00 pm approximately,

the rooms occupied during this time will not be redone.

The rooms are provided with towels, sheets, bathrobes with replacement every three days for reasons of energy saving and respect for the environment, but the guest can request the replacement

replacement when deemed necessary at an extra cost of € 10 (ten) per set of towels

and euro 10 (ten) per set of sheets.

The change of linen must be explicitly requested at the reception.

Towels are provided for the pool at cost of euro zero on arrival, subsequent exchanges will cost ten euro for pair.


Guests are allowed to walk in the garden, in all common areas outdoors and in the path to and from the entrance gate.Please do not enter the property of the other guests.

Each room has only one reserved parking space in the parking lot (not guarded) inside the structure.

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